Chiloquin Visions in Progress (CVIP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community benefit organization formed in 1995. CVIP serves the greater Chiloquin area through projects that result in a healthy social, economic, natural, and cultural environment.

CVIP sponsors or supports numerous community and area projects and programs that forward our mission in the community. Check out the links on the "Services" page to learn more about our organization and what we are doing in the community.

CVIP owns and operates the Chiloquin Community Center in the heart of downtown Chiloquin.

Our History

Chiloquin Visions in Progress received its tax-exempt status in 1995 as an outgrowth of several community revitalization efforts with countless hours of volunteer dedication by Chuck and Sally Wells, Bill and Faith Wilkins, Tom and Inger Burns, Will Hatcher, and others. It has continued these efforts in mission and activities. We have sponsored and supported an ever-growing list of projects and programs, each dedicated to the growth and development of the Chiloquin community. Whether economic development, health and well-being, social or cultural growth, CVIP balances and coordinates all these toward the common goal of bringing our community together with honor and respect for our heritage.

Community Center

If anything says “Vision” to the city of Chiloquin it is her Community Center. It is, in our opinion, the pearl of the city. Built entirely by CVIP volunteer efforts, fund-raisers, donations and private foundation grants, the Center was dedicated in June of 2004 as a “welcoming place for the whole community.” Now in its seventeenth year of operation, that goal has become a reality, and the Center is a core element of the Chiloquin community. The Community Center is a busy place. It houses the Chiloquin Branch Library, the Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop, Klamath County Corrections, Klamath Basin Behavior Health and, of course, the office of Chiloquin Visions in Progress. It provides space for Women, Infants & Children services, Klamath Alcohol & Drug Abuse meetings, Wellbriety (Native Substance Abuse Treatment), and many other social services. It also hosts public meetings and private events of all kinds. There are two spacious meeting rooms available for rent by community members for public or private events, and we have a VCU available which is ZOOM capable for virtual meetings. The average day sees up to 50-70 people come through the front door for a variety of reasons. More enter through the side entrances directly into the Library and Gallery and the Library boasts 60-plus daily patrons alone.

John Rademacher


[email protected]

    A native Michigander, John graduated from MSU and moved to Oregon in 1975.  He completed a Master's in Science Education from Southern Oregon, and Administration License from Portland State and George Fox.

    John moved to Chiloquin in 1978, married Dr. Diane Haseman DVM, and began teaching science at Chiloquin High.  John worked for 29 years in Chiloquin Schools.  We live on a small farm with a big garden, selling our excess at the Friday Market.  Another passion is our camping and WorldMark travel. 

    John also is on the Klamath County School Board, reads with Chiloquin SMARTees, Chairs Chiloquin Sheriff's Advisory committee, and serves on the CLAS Advisory committee.  He stays involved in Chiloquin Schools by running the clock for football games and judging Senior Projects, when available. 

    John is pleased to join the CVIP board and serve the Chiloquin community in this endeavor.

    Stefani Mosby


    [email protected]

      Stefani Mosby has enjoyed life on the ranch in Chiloquin with her husband, David since 2012. She raised her three sons in Boise, Idaho where she attended Boise State University (BSU) with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Upon starting a book club at the Juvenile Detention Center in Boise, she was inspired to continue her education with a Masters in Literacy at BSU.

      She has enjoyed working with children in Klamath County over the past years at Sage Community School in Chiloquin, CLAS Supervisor at Chiloquin Elementary School, and preschool/infant/toddler teacher throughout Klamath County. She also enjoys supporting the children in the community as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer for foster children.

      Currently, Stefani spends her spare time with her husband’s farming adventures out on the ranch and making winter trips to Phoenix, Arizona to visit her children and grandchildren. She loves the beautiful landscape and friendly people in Chiloquin.

      Faith Wilkins


      [email protected]

        Our Secretary and longest-serving Board Member, Faith Wilkins, has a Master Herbalist Degree. She has worked as a Survey Botanist for the last 25 years. She (and Bill) raised their family of three daughters here in Chiloquin.

        Faith is also our accountant. She is our negotiator when it comes to getting the most for our money. She is confident, reliable, and excels in the area of integrity. She has been a part of CVIP from the time our organization began. She is valuable in her knowledge of our history as an organization and desires to bring CVIP to the next level.

        She understands the meaning and heart behind “Chiloquin Visions in Progress” because she was part of the team that raised the money necessary to build the beautiful building we now occupy. Her vision for the community moves her forward.  And she greatly helps CVIP to move in the same direction.

        Judy Pate

        Director, Two Rivers Art Gallery

        [email protected]

          Director of Two Rivers Art Gallery, Judy Pate, is a retired teacher with two Masters; one in Business Organizational Management and the other is in Art and Spanish Education.

          She has served as administrator of many different organizations and is well versed in public speaking, public relations, and social networking.

          She now works as the Director of our Two Rivers Art Gallery and has made great strides in developing and marketing our Gallery.  

          As a resident for 25 years, she is very well-known in our Community. Having her positive connections and great reputation in our Community helps us to gain support easily from the people, businesses, and organizations in Chiloquin. The experiences, education, and personal qualities Judy brings to the table work to strengthen our team.

          Larry Dugger


          [email protected]

            Larry Dugger is a newer resident of the Chiloquin area.  He and his wife, Christy built their retirement home in Oregon Shores II after residing on California's North Coast and raising a family for many years.

            Larry is a graduate of Humboldt State University in Arcata, California with a Bachelor's degree in Forest Management and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA).

            While attending school and serving in the Naval Reserve, Larry worked for the US Forest Service on the Shasta-Trinity, Lassen and Mendocino National Forests, as a Fire Prevention Officer and Timber Cruiser.

            After receiving his BS, Larry spent 3 years Navy active duty as a Commissioned Officer, eventually transferring to the US Coast Guard Reserve  and achieving the rank of Lieutenant Commander before he retired.

            After active-duty military and the Forest Service, Larry began a 37 year career with Simpson Timber Company’s Lumber Division in Arcata, CA.  He ended that part of his life as a Financial Analyst. 

            Larry has done significant volunteer work in his communities, serving 30 years on the board of the Arcata Economic Development Corporation.  Also serving twice as Board President.

            Presently, Larry serves on several boards and volunteers as a math tutor at Chiloquin Jr/Sr High School.

            William Wilkins

            Executive Director

            [email protected]

              William has been involved with CVIP since it's inception. William was past President of the CVIP Board of Directors, both in 1999, and from 2015-2017. 

              William is proudest of his family, Faith, and their three daughters, who were all raised here in Chiloquin.

              He was a wildland firefighter for over 30 years, working mainly for the US Forest Service, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, and for some private fire contracting companies. William ran a wildland fire engine for most of those years, and still looks upon Initial Attack as one of his peak life experiences.

              William was the oldest graduate of Technical Fire Management, which was the equivalent of a Master's Degree in Fire Management.  This was instrumental in obtaining his last permanent position with the USFS, that of Fuels Specialist on High Cascades Ranger District of the Rogue River -Siskiyou National Forest.

              One of William's strong points is electronic media.  he established a Twitter account for CVIP that has been successful in getting out our mission to people that have never heard of Chiloquin.  He revitalized the Community Center Facebook page, and it now serves as a  hub for community events and special occasions.

              Nick Kimbol

              Board Member at large

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                Christy Dugger

                Board Member at large

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                  Evan Wright

                  Board Member at large

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