Chiloquin Community Builders

Chiloquin Community Builders (CCB) began Nov. 2017 with a passionate champion and a small grassroots team of community members inspired by a Rural Tourism Studio Workshop. Although originally inspired by tourism,  CCB has grown into a broad-based community building effort with a focus on making Chiloquin a healthy, robust, friendly, and inviting community where residents and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty Chiloquin has to offer by way of promoting outdoor activity, enhancing business prosperity, building social capital, and creating physical changes to public places. CCB's mission is to develop, implement and support collaborative community projects that address community-wide priorities of safety, health and economic well being. 

CCB has more than 70 supporters from diverse parts of the community - join us today by emailing the Team at or calling the CVIP office at 541 783-7780. 

Chiloquin Visions in Progress is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the improvement of the Chiloquin Community

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