Chiloquin Community Center

In addition to a seasonal warm or cool space to hang out,
we also offer free WiFi and public restrooms to our patrons.

A Program of Chiloquin Visions in Progress

If anything says “Vision” to the city of Chiloquin it is her Community Center. It is, in our opinion, the pearl of the city. Built entirely by CVIP volunteer efforts, fund-raisers, donations and private foundation grants, the Center was dedicated in June of 2004 as a “welcoming place for the whole community.”  Now in its thirteenth year of operation, that goal has become a reality, and the Center is a core element of the Chiloquin community.​

The Community Center is a busy place. It houses the Chiloquin Branch Library, the Two Rivers Art Gallery & Gift Shop,  the Klamath County Corrections , Best Behavior Services, and, of course, the office of Chiloquin Visions in Progress.  It provides space for Women, Infants & Children services, Klamath Alcohol & Drug  Abuse meetings, and many other social services.  It also hosts public meetings and private events of all kinds.

​There are two spacious rooms available for rent by community members for public or private events (such as community meetings, receptions, showers, and memorials). We also provide rental office space for satellite Klamath County social services and the Chiloquin Branch of the Klamath County Public Library.

All this keeps the place alive with activity. The average day sees up to 50-70 people come through the front door for a variety of reasons. More enter through the side entrances directly into the Library and Gallery.  The Library boasts 60-plus daily patrons alone.

The CVIP office at the Center is staffed by Executive Director, Bill Wilkins (cell 541 591-0883).

Rental rates for the Chiloquin Community Center:

Community Room - $60.00 for 4 hours or less.

Community Room - $120.00 for 4-8 hours.

Community Room - $180.00 for more than 8 hours

Conference Room - $30.00 for 4 hours or less.

Conference Room - $60.00 for more than 4 hours.

Kitchen is included in Community Room Rental.

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