Chiloquin Learns After School (CLAS)

Providing the Chiloquin area children grades K-6 with a safe, caring, enriching, learning environment after school.

Chiloquin Learns After School (CLAS) is an after-school program of CVIP that has been serving students K-6 since 2004 and is operated in cooperation with Chiloquin Elementary & the local home school community.

CLAS's goal is to provide a safe, caring, learning environment for all area children.

As of the onset of Covid, we had to close CLAS at the request of the Klamath County School District.  We were devastated when it was not brought back after the restrictions were completely lifted.  It would take a massive groundswell of public opinion to get it back, and we are not hopeful. 

We are proud or our successful initiation and maintaining of the CLAS Program, serving a diverse after-school student demographicunder the guidance of John Rademacher, a professional Educator involved in our local schools for decades.

The project's goals include:

  • Building respectful social skills in a safe environment.
  • Assisting students with homework completion.
  • Checking with teachers to make sure students are on track.
  • Providing supplemental guidance in Reading and math.
  • Offering enriching activities in Science, Art, crafts, both indoor and outdoor games, and computer work.
  • Supporting Chiloquin Elementary School in its successful effort to move from Priority status to Level 3.
  • Providing a nutritious supper.
  • Providing part-time employment/work experience for local adults and high school students.
  • Involving local community entities as presenters, sharing their expertise, service, careers etc., i.e. US Fish and Wildlife, OSU Extension, etc.

Our desired outcomes are to help children succeed and to help Chiloquin families prosper, thus improving the quality of life for all members of the community.

We compare CLAS students' attendance and academic progress to non-CLAS Chiloquin elementary school students for the same timeframe and see that we are definitely having a positive effect.

When our children are healthy, happy, and moving forward, engaged in school and their community, CLAS has succeeded.

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