Chiloquin Visions in Progress

“Chiloquin Visions in Progress is a 501(c)(3) organization which operates the Chiloquin Community Center and supports projects which foster community, health and well-being in the greater Chiloquin area.” This is our mision statement and we are all very proud of that, and what we have accomplished in the community over the many years of CVIP's existence.


We offer numerous services for the community of Chiloquin.  The three main areas we focus on, are the Chiloquin Community Center, Two Rivers Art Gallery, and our after-school program Chiloquin Learns After School (CLAS).  Each of these areas are described more fully on their own page, but a brief description here will be appropriate.

Chiloquin Learns After School - CLAS

Chiloquin Learns After School is a safe, secure, learning environment provided by CVIP for families in the Chiloquin Community.

Chiloquin Community Center

The Center rents out rooms for events, classes, family celebrations, and many other gatherings. 

Two Rivers Art Gallery

Two Rivers Gallery is a full-blown Art Gallery right here in Chiloquin. And the best place for gifts in the area.